I have suffered two miscarriages.
My last serious relationship was with a cocaine-addicted priest.
For six months, I had a job that required me to have a false identity.
I have been unfaithful to all of my partners.
I squeezed a baby's hand to make him cry.
I used to hit my sisters.
I had a drunken homosexual encounter, and now I'm scared to drink again.
I stole all of my girlfriend's savings, spent them on drugs, and then tried to commit suicide.
Hitting my head against the pillow is one way to escape reality.
I used to put old diapers on secretly until I was 10 years old.
There are some women whose femininity I envy.
It feels like I've let my parents down.
I bought a party hat and went to a stranger's house to do him a golden shower on my birthday.
Once I pooped in class and blamed my classmate for the bad smell. Even today, people still make fun of her because of me.
I'm scared of what's in my genes.
I can't stand my partner's baldness.
I was so shy that I had trouble getting dates. So, for a while, I stole money from the cash register where I worked to pay for prostitutes.
Sometimes I wish for my own death just to see people's reactions.
I slept with my psychiatrist's husband.
I enjoy my own self-sabotage.
I like to steal small objects from the houses of friends and family members that I visit.
My first partner was an inflatable clown. When I went to sleep, I would undress and sleep cuddled up to it.
I invented a thousand excuses to break up with my partner instead of telling them that I didn't love them.
I slept with one of my best friends.
I contracted syphilis.
I have a habit of bringing food with me when I go to the bathroom.
I read my partner's private messages whenever I can.
I feel a strange desire for my friends' girlfriends.